Educational - waterfall tour in mountainous Adjara

About Trip

Price: : $215 from Tbilisi.

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Number of guests: 2+

Adjara is one of the most interesting regions of Georgia. Many vacation at its resorts on the Black Sea coast, but few people know about the other, mystical, fabulously beautiful, and diverse mountainous part of Adjara.

Invenio Travel invites you to an unforgettable, vibrant journey from the “Adjara Goars” series, where you will get acquainted with the tourist pearls scattered in the mountains of Adjara.

What’s on the tour program:

– the beauty of untouched nature;

– century-old Adjarian wooden houses scattered along the mountain slopes;

– transparent waterfalls hidden in the greenery;

– monuments of historical and cultural heritage;

– ancient stone and wooden bridges, distinguished by their architecture and special construction techniques;

– religious buildings of local Georgian Muslims;

– visit a workshop for making Adjarian folk instruments,

– try local mountain honey and Adjarian dishes;

– get acquainted with the local population, customs, and traditions of Georgian Muslims;

– get acquainted with the peculiarities of growing and producing tobacco;

– receive information on issues that interest you;

– enjoy the beauty of nature, the murmur of waterfalls and rivers, the chirping of birds.

– take a deep breath of fresh mountain air, spread your arms from the feeling of freedom and merge with nature.

– refresh yourself under the splashes of cold water from mountain waterfalls, take a lot of beautiful photos and videos.


Visited tourist sites:

– An impressive place at the junction of two rivers Acharistskali and Chorokhi.

– waterfall Mirveti

A small and beautiful waterfall, you can swim or cool off in the water of the waterfall. We will walk through a small mossy forest with a path to a waterfall where fairy-tale elves live))

– Makhuntseti waterfall

It is distinguished by its beauty.

– Marisy waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Adjara. There is a stretched cable car from which you can take photos from different angles. You can cool off with the water of the waterfall.

– waterfall Medzibna

Flowing from a high mountain, this is the most abundant waterfall in Adjara.

– gorgechvana

A valley distinguished by its beauty. Travelers called it the mystical valley.

– fortressotolt

A 12th-century defensive fortress overlooking the entire valley. Fragments remain today.

– chvana mosque

Historical mosque built 150 years ago. It is interestingly decorated with ornaments and religious symbols. This is an outstanding example of Georgian carpentry.

– bridge Habelashvili

The wooden bridge, built 300 years ago, is a cultural heritage monument.

-Tamara’s bridges

Along the way we will stop at several stone arch bridges from the 9th to 12th centuries.


Departure from Tbilisi and start of the tour at 09:30.

End of the 3-day tour and return to Tbilisi at 23:00.

You can order us an individual tour at a time convenient for you.

Dates for group tours:

  • April: 24-25-26
  • May: 7-8-9
  • June: 12-13-14
  • July: 3-4-5 or 18-19-20
  • August: 6-7-8 or 21-22-23
  • September: 1-2-3 or 17-18-19
  • October: 1-2-3 or 9-10-11

The tour will be conducted by a professional certified guide of our company from Adjara, who will provide you with comprehensive answers to all topics covered in the tour program.

We will have several stops from Tbilisi to Batumi. We will have lunch in the city of Kobuleti and continue our journey to Batumi/Gonio. After checking in at the hotel we will have free time. Let’s walk along the boulevard and Piazza, swim in the sea. In the evening we will begin the excursion program with a guide in Batumi. We will visit all the main attractions of the city. In the morning we will continue our journey to mountainous Adjara. On the last day, we will visit the Batumi Botanical Garden.

We travel comfortably and dynamically on suitably equipped tourist transport. The roads are paved with asphalt. During the entire tour we will have to walk a path of easy difficulty up to 3 km long.

We will spend one night in a family hotel at an altitude of more than 800 meters above sea level.

We will inform you about meeting places in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi with a company representative and all detailed information by email. Write to us!

At the end of the tour, you can continue your sea holiday in Adjara. We will help you organize a good rest and further travel to interesting places in Georgia.

The organizer reserves the right to allocate seats in transport according to the order of booking.


The Price includes:

  • Transfers: Tbilisi – Batumi – Tbilisi;
  • internal movement within Adjara using our transport;
  • 2 nights accommodation;
  • morning breakfast;
  • guide accompaniment;
  • Lunch or dinner during the excursion.

Tour bookings are now open. Contact us by email and check the number of available places.

It’s safe, fun and interesting with us! We know how to deliver comfort and pleasure!

Have any questions? Contact us!

+995 599 38 28 60

Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 20.00

The company reserves the right to change the order of events or

replace them with equivalent ones, without reducing the volume

of the program.

The company is not responsible for damage caused in the event

of force majeure, natural disasters, unforeseen delays at airports,

roads, etc.

The company is not responsible for the loss of documents, money

and personal belongings in Georgia, but will try to help in finding them.